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6 Things To Consider Before You Decide To Sue


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  2. Do You Have A Strong Case?
  3. The Complexity Of Your Matter.
  4. The Amount You’re Trying To Claim.
  5. The Potential Costs Involved.
  6. Can The Person You’re Suing Return You The Money?



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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Legal Questions

What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is a term of art which refers to contentious Court proceedings involving non-criminal streams of actions in law.

Who Can Commence A Civil Suit?

A civil suit is a means for a party to seek the Singapore Court’s assistance for an order to be made in his favour, against another party for some other form of relief.

What If I Have Received A Letter Of Demand?

A letter of demand is a letter issued by lawyer demanding some act on your part, usually with a warning that legal proceedings will be commenced against you.

A lawyer may help you to assess the situation you are in and plan with you a strategy in the event legal proceedings are commenced against you.

What If I've Received A Writ Of Summons?

If you have received a Writ of Summons issued by a Singapore Court where you are named as the defendant, it means that a suit has been commenced against you by the plaintiff.

Do not ignore the Writ of Summons as a default judgment can be entered against you by the plaintiff.


What To Consider Before You Commence Civil Suit?

Before you commence a civil suit, do consider the strength and complexity of your case,

2) The cost involved to pursuing your claim,

3) The defendant’s assets to satisfying your claim,

4) Whether you need any legal assistance to pursuit your case.

You should be aware however, that for complex matters it would be difficult for a lawyer to provide an accurate upfront estimate. We have a short video from our Litigation Lawyer below, on things that you need to consider.

Talk To Us Today so we can understand your case better.

What is a free consultation?

It is for us to discuss your matter briefly and to provide you with a general overview. There will be no review of documents during the free first consultation.

Do I need to pay if I engage your services?

Yes, there will be charges but be rest assured our charges are reasonable.

What if I really can’t afford you?

We will recommend that you approach the legal aid bureau or law society pro bono services to see if you qualify.

I have a lawsuit in the Small Claims Tribunal

Lawyers are not allowed to represent any party in the Small Claims Tribunal. As such if you would like our assistance, we are able to schedule a consultation for you. If you would like us to review documents and to provide you detailed advice on how you can present your case to the Judge in the best possible manner, we can do so in a paid consultation.

What is a Writ of Summons?

A Writ of Summons (WOS) is a legal document informing someone that they have a lawsuit in which they are a named party. Typically, this WOS is personally served on the Defendant by the Plaintiff, however if the Defendant is a company, the WOS is served on the Defendant’s registered place of business.

What is a Letter of Demand?

A Letter of Demand is an attempt by the claimant to settle a dispute amicably. If the other party is keen on resolving the matter, they would respond to the letter or negotiate a settlement of the matter. Typically, when parties are unable to resolve their matter at this stage, it is likely that a lawsuit will soon follow thereafter.

What is a Cease & Desist Letter?

A Cease & Desist letter is typically sent by someone who is being harassed or annoyed by someone or by a company. In the letter there will be a request that the other party stops doing the actions that constitute harassment against the other party immediately. Such letters are typically sent to someone who is harassing a person and instead of commencing a lawsuit to obtain a Personal Protection Order, the harassed party is attempting to resolve the matter through a letter.

Someone has posted something Defamatory about me, what should I do?

You should inform them that if they do not remove the post or message or publication immediately you will engage lawyers to represent you. Defamation is serious, any loss in reputation is not easily recovered or may never be recovered. If the defamer does not remove the post, it is best to engage a lawyer to send them a letter of demand. It is also important to note that in Singapore, the letter of demands relating to Defamation is required to be in a specific format and cannot be a simple letter of demand.

What is a Breach of Contract?

A Breach of Contract is when one party fails to uphold their obligations as per what was agreed upon in the Contract. In such a situation, the non-breaching party has two options:


  1. They may sue the breaching party; or
  2. If the breach can be remedied or solved, they may allow the breaching party some time to resolve the breach.

It is best to seek legal advice before commencing a lawsuit so that your lawyer will be able to identify the strengths in your case and advise you on the best way forward.


Someone is threatening to sue me for defamation


If someone has informed you that something you have posted is defamatory, or has sent you a letter of demand requesting that you remove a post online which is considered defamatory you should:


  1. Seek legal advice immediate;
  2. Have the lawyer advise you if what was posted was indeed defamatory;
  3. Remove the post as soon as possible till it has been reviewed; and
  4. If the post is defamatory or if you do not have any defences at law that would provide you with any defence, you should be prepared to make a public apology.
  5. If the defamed party is seeking monetary compensation, your lawyer advises you if the sum sought after is reasonable and will also be able to assist you with negotiating for a lower sum or the payment of the sum through instalments.
My Friend / Relative / Someone owes me money what should I do?

Do let us know the following details:


  1. How much is the sum of money?
    If the sum loaned is relatively low, it may not be worth your while to pursuing the claim through lawyers.
  2. Do you have a Written IOU or Loan Agreement?
    With an IOU or a Loan Agreement it strengthens you case against the other party. You may also have an indemnity clause that allows you to recover all your legal costs if the IOU or the Loan Agreement was drafted well.
  3. If they do not respond positively to the Letter of Demand you may have to commence a lawsuit again them to recovery the outstanding sum of money.
I have just been terminated from my Job what can I do?

If you have been terminated from your job as per the terms of your employment agreement, i.e. they gave you the requisite notice or payment of salary in lieu of notice, then you may not have a claim against your employer.


In Singapore, there is no automatic right for retrenchment benefits, if retrenchment terms are not in your contract you are typically not entitled to it.


However, if your termination was in fact a retrenchment exercise by your company, you may be able to claim for more compensation then what you were paid. However, you will need to be able to support this claim of retrenchment with evidence.

    What can I do if my Tenant does not pay the monthly rent punctually?

    If you tenant is in breach of their tenancy agreement, you can send your tenant a Letter of Demand, if they continue to default on the payment of rent, you may evict them.

      What can I do if my Landlord does not return me my security deposit?

      The purpose of the security deposit is for the Landlord to reinstate the premises to the state in which it was let out, your landlord after making deductions from the security deposit ought to return the remainder.


      There may be disputes over what deductions are reasonable. It is best to consult a lawyer on whether the proposed deductions are reasonable before agreeing to the terms.


      If your landlord still does not return your security deposit, you may send him a letter of demand and lodge your claim against him/her in the Small Claims Tribunal. However, do take note that the Small Claims Tribunal only deals with tenancy matters in which the length of the tenancy is less or equal to two (2) years.

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